Customer Testimonials

Eddie is a terrific resource for more than just computers. He has a wealth of experience far beyond his 9 businesses. He has worked in business of varied and fascinating types. His stories and wisdom will entertain and surprise you. If you have not had a one on one with him, you are really missing out.
Eddie Thank you so much for everything you have done. I was at work the other night and there was a young lady that was a personal chef as well. Just got out of College and I gave her my website to look at and told her to contact me for your info to make her a website when she was ready. I did not have your number on me at the time. I love the website is very detailed and professional. I really liked just handing it over to you to create without having to spend a lot of time with it. The best part was you had the site up and going within a week. That shocked me most of all. So I am still passing your info over every time I get the chance.
David Phillips -- Kitchen Professionals
We have used IDS for our web hosting and technical services for over the past eight years and are very satisfied with the level of service and quick responses to our needs.
Jim Bright -- Owner -- ALATEX Print & Promotions
Integrated Digital Solutions provided my new company with the kind of website support that only a large company could expect. Eddie and his staff were extremely helpful in not only getting our website launched, but providing sound advice on the content of our site.
Claude LaFerney --- Texas Home Energy Specialists
He will tell you if he can help you with a Website. When he does a Website for you it will work for you at a very reasonable price. He has the ethics you don't find everywhere. When you're needing a little or a big Website you can trust that Eddie has the integrity you can rely on.
Ken Williams --- Get Us on the Web
Eddie's company built my website very professional site, very professional service, very prompt.
Rick Foster ---